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Enter Title Vera_J_01-09-18--02ADof Image by Dan McCormackFey_W_03-26-17--15AB by Dan McCormackVera_J_06-24-17--01AC by Dan McCormackFey_W_03-26-17--08AB by Dan McCormackAnna_H_02-03-17--08AB by Dan McCormack
Vera_J_06-10-16--13AD by Dan McCormackVera_J_06-10-16--07AC by Dan McCormackHelen_W_03-04-16--07AB by Dan McCormackVera_J_03-11-16--01AB by Dan McCormackRobbie_J_6-27-15--08AC by Dan McCormack
Vera_J_6-28-15--08AC by Dan McCormackNava_S_7-16-15--04AC by Dan McCormackMaris_C_7-07-15--11AB by Dan McCormackJewel_V_7-13-15--04AC by Dan McCormackCaitlin_F_4-26-15--05AC by Dan McCormack
Bridget_L_5-12-15--05AD by Dan McCormackLinda_B_02-01-14--04AD by Dan McCormackVera_J_12-13-14--01AC by Dan McCormackRobbie_J_4-27-14--10AD by Dan McCormackVera_J_2-23-14--09AD by Dan McCormack
Vera_J_2-23-14--06AB by Dan McCormackVera_J_2-23-14--02AC by Dan McCormackVera_J_2-23-14--01AE by Dan McCormackVera_J_11-15-13--12AC by Dan McCormackVera_J_11-15-13--02AE by Dan McCormack
Molly_R_4-14-13--13AC by Dan McCormackAllisonFay_C_3-18-13--11AD by Dan McCormackRuby_S_4-12-12--06AB by Dan McCormackBridget_L_5-20-12--14AD by Dan McCormackVera_V_7-27-12--09AC by Dan McCormack
Eva_B_12-03-11--12AB by Dan McCormackLana_H_11-19-11--11AB by Dan McCormackCarling_D_8-09-11--10AD by Dan McCormackCarling_D_8-09-11--1AB by Dan McCormackZoe_W_7-14-11--09AB by Dan McCormack
Val_W_10-03-10--7AB by Dan McCormackKatie_W_4-09-11--6AB by Dan McCormackKarissa_G_6-08-11--05AB by Dan McCormackVal_W_10-03-10--6AB by Dan McCormackAdela_Z_4-18-10--4AC by Dan McCormack
Ithaca_J_8-15-09--11AB by Dan McCormackKate_A_7-09-09--8BD by Dan McCormackHelen_W_4-27-08--7BB by Dan McCormackHelen_W_4-27-08--4AG by Dan McCormackLucia+Sarah_11-10-07--2BE by Dan McCormack

Enter Title Vera_J_01-09-18--02ADof Image by Dan McCormack

Enter Title Vera_J_01-09-18--02ADof Image by Dan McCormack

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Title: Enter Title Vera_J_01-09-18--02ADof Image

Desc: Pinhole camera portrait of Vera nude at home in Hudson, NY.

Media: photography

Size: H 13.03" x W 11.00&q

Genre: nude

Price Range: Important $501-$5,000

In calendar: Yes
Provenance (calendar wins & curators).

Price:Print $750.00

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