A Juried Selection by David Reuss, Salmagundi Club

February 2012

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Aunt Helen's 50th Birthday by Pacifico Palumbo
Sunday afternoon by Chuck Miller
native spirit by Tai Lin
waiting by Taehyub Lee
Duck Soap by Donelli J. DiMaria
Bridge by Robert Nizamov
Afternoon Glow - Kenosha Theater by Dan Simoneau, ISAP
Blue Cow Blues by Chuck Miller
Bridget_L_10-11-09--3AE by Dan McCormack
Bonnie Love as Frenchie by Jacqui Morgan
Portrait by Robert Nizamov
Band of Brothers by Jacqueline Saunders
Blackjack by Joseph Mays
Spotty Catches Spring Fever by Pacifico Palumbo
Reflections on the Past by Jacqui Morgan
Covered Woman by David Schulz
Trio De Gallos by Guadalupe Herrera
Balaklava by Robert Nizamov
Stuck in Immovable Growth by Penelope Przekop
Portrait Of The Artist by David Morrow
Secret Love by Angelique Moselle Price
Red Beauty by Peter Wong King
Nina by Jean Marcellino
Light at the Bottom by Stephanie Fuller
Louie # II by Carmine Santaniello
Deep Red #4 by Profile Deleted
Pop Star Penguins! by Hannah Davis
Adrift by Geoffrey Stein

February Fun—Guest curator, David Reuss, artist, teacher, illustrator and active board member of the Salmagundi Club and the Society of Illustrators, selected the February Best of the Rest calendar with an eye to whimsey. The calendar launches with Colrain, Massachusetts artist, Pacifico Palumbo’s Aunt Helen’s 50th Birthday. “Aunt Helen,” he says, “was a hoot.” Later in the month, also from Palumbo we see Spotty Catches Spring Fever, a young dog fast asleep on a settee with a vase of lilacs in the foreground. Back to February 2nd, filling a chair in quite a different fashion, but also sleeping, is Texas artist, Chuck Miller’s offering, Sunday Afternoon. Miller, from Corsicana, also gives us a taste of cattle country with his portrait, Blue Cow Blues. In fact, animals are well-represented in February. We see the delightful “still life,” Duck Soap by Donelli J. DiMaria of New Mexico and Trio De Gallos, (trio of roosters), by Guadalupe Herrera of Houston, Texas. Peter King of Cochiti Lake, New Mexico gives us a butterfly photograph, Red Beauty, while from Hannah Davis of Brooklyn, we see the improbable Pop Star Penguins!

Two artists are making their calendar debut: we see the striking image, Afternoon Glow - Kenosha Theater by Dan Simoneau, ISAP of Kenosha, Wisconsin and another striking image, Portrait of the Artist by David Morrow of San Francisco. (Is it a portait, a still-life or life holding still?) New York artist, Jacqui Morgan offers three finely realized watercolors, Eternal vs Fleeting, an image of a cemetary sculpture among luscious flowers, Reflections on the Past, which might also be called “Reflections on a Repast” since it is a still-life with food; and the insouciant, Bonnie Love as Frenchie. Another image to conjure the imagination and challenge the eye, purporting to be an abstract nude, listed under abstract and looking for all the world like exposed plant material, is Stuck in Immovable Growth by Penelope Przekop of Philadelphia.

Actually, there are a lot of interesting portraits in this calendar: a pastel, Native Spirit by Tai Lin of Linden, NJ; Waiting, a sketch by Taehyub Lee of New York, NY; an impressionist-syle oil Portrait by Robert Nizamov of Moscow, Russia; a mixed media offering Secret Love by Angelique Moselle Price of Nashville, Tennessee; the austere oil, chosen for a second time, Nina by New York artist, Jean Marcellino; and new to the calendars, a monoprint, Louie # II by Carmine Santaniello, also in New York.

One artwork is to be retired having now been selected for three calendars. This is the first retirement in the Best of the Rest calendar history and the honor goes to Jacqueline Saunders of Burke, Va. for her watercolor nine-head sequence, Band of Brothers. We see it on February 13th, which just happens to be the birthday of our very own Barebrush administrator, new concept sounding-board and lover of many of the art works on Barebrush, Gavin Skeen. If you friend Gavin on Facebook, he will probably know your work (if you are an artist active in Barebrush) and be pleased to know you if you are not. He reviews all of the art before it goes live on Barebrush.

Many of the artists and friends met Gavin last year at our February 2011 My N*de Valentine Show. Wow, the year went fast! You can see the art from the show at the videos and photos by going to the link here. The 2011 show was great fun and we had an amazing turnout as you can see from the video. Hanging the show was a monster effort and Gavin’s role was critical in logistics as well. The good news is that Barebrush is actively seeking arrangements for a show in 2013. The My N*de Valentine & Friends, will be our second invitational show, Barebrush artists only, calendar art only, but now for all genres, including, of course, Best of the Rest. Enjoy February and plan to see (or be in) the Barebrush Biennial: My N*de Valentine & Friends 2013.

The 29 artists represented in February, 2012, in day order are: 1 Pacifico Palumbo, 2 Chuck Miller, 3 Tai Lin, 4 Taehyub Lee, 5 Donelli J. DiMaria, 6 Robert Nizamov, 7 Dan Simoneau, ISAP, 8 Chuck Miller, 9 Dan McCormack, 10 Jacqui Morgan, 11 Jacqui Morgan, 12 Robert Nizamov, 13 Jacqueline Saunders, 14 Joseph Mays, 15 Pacifico Palumbo, 16 Jacqui Morgan, 17 David Schulz, 18 Guadalupe Herrera, 19 Robert Nizamov, 20 Penelope Przekop, 21 David Morrow, 22 Angelique Moselle Price, 23 Peter Wong King, 24 Jean Marcellino, 25 Stephanie Fuller, 26 Carmine Santaniello, 27 Profile Deleted, 28 Hannah Davis, 29 Geoffrey Stein.

Each of the artists selected for the calendar receives two (2) complimentary listings for each artwork included in this calendar. Viewers can also vote for “The People's Choice,” a poll which includes all of the art in the calendar. The top three artworks in The People's Choice win one (1) complementary listing for their artists. Winners announced March 1st.

The Barebrush Provenance for each artwork is viewable by clicking on the calendar thumbnail (above) or on the caption under the artwork from each artist’s Barebrush Gallery page. The Barebrush program of retiring artworks which have been selected for three calendars is designed to encourage all artists to show their best new work and keep their online galleries fresh and interesting.

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