A Juried Selection by Robert W. Pillsbury, Salmagundi Club

August 2012

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Alan Greenspan by Geoffrey Stein
Pensive by Geoffrey Stein
Dreaming by Tracey Padron
The Winding Road by Cynthia Angeles
Deep Red #4 by Profile Deleted
Waiting by David Schulz
Close Up by Peter Wong King
Floating Leaves by Cynthia Angeles
Robert Premier Coup by Jean Marcellino
Blue Cow Blues by Chuck Miller
Cindy I by Darryl King
Close 8 by Damian Huntley
Geese Into the Sunset by BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald
Peasant Woman by Chuck Miller
Dancing James Joyce by Roger Cummiskey
Aunt Lola's Engagement by Pacifico Palumbo
Jet by Joseph Mays
Aunt Helen's 50th Birthday by Pacifico Palumbo
Curle by Pacifico Palumbo
Grill'in by Gil Conradis
Seated Robert by Jean Marcellino
Big Pimpin Penguin by Hannah Davis
Portrait of Sandra Day O'Connor by Jean Marcellino
John the Artist by Jean Marcellino
Tear by BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald
D.I.Y. #2 by Donelli J. DiMaria
Surrender You Scallywag by Hannah Davis
Reclining Robert by Jean Marcellino
Get Down Penguins! by Hannah Davis
STUDY 25 by William Thierfelder

Summer Marathon: Homestretch — Guest curator, Robert W. Pillsbury, selected the art for this calendar from a table in the bar of the Salmagundi Club and Barebrush founder, Ilene Skeen, noted his comments and guided him through the online selection process. Mr. Pillsbury is an artist, teacher and First Vice president of the club. Ms. Skeen has been a member since 1999.

At the beginning of the afternoon, the bar was quiet, but by the end, members had come in for drinks and camaraderie. The computer suddenly failed (Horrors!). Mr. Pillsbury shot a round of pool, while Ms. Skeen frantically tried to figure out the problem. Soon fixed. Then Pillsbury got back to work, plowed ahead carefully and finished the selection. A fist bump, and happy sigh of relief ended the afternoon.

Founded in 1871, the Salmagundi Club is one of the oldest art organizations in the United States. Housed in an historic brownstone mansion in Greenwich Village, New York City, the Club offers programs including art classes, exhibitions, painting demonstrations, and art auctions throughout the year for members and the general public.

Mr. Pillsbury chose a collage portrait, Alan Greenspan, by Geoffrey Stein of New York to launch the August 2012 Best-of-the-Rest calendar. Mr. Pillsbury chose multiple works from several artists, making it a strong showing: five portraits by New York artist Jean Marcellino; three whimsical still-lifes by Hannah Davis of Brooklyn, including the confrontational jar and apple duo, Surrender You Scallywag; three by Pacific Palumbo, including an animal portrait, Curle.

Sometimes the question arise as to whether animal portraits are classified as animals or portraits, the answer is animals. For Barebrush, the genre of portraits is reserved for people. The Barebrush automatic calendar checker page shows each of the non-nude genres and how close they are in getting a calendar devoted to that genre. Portraits (human portraits, that is) is in the lead. We hope to start a fourth calendar series by early next year.

The month ends turning towards fall with STUDY 25 by William Thierfelder of New York.

Twelve artworks are retiring with the August Best-of-the-Rest calendar, each now having been selected for three calendars. They are two oil landscapes by Cynthia Angeles of Washington, DC, Floating Leaves and The Winding Road; an oil, Blue Cow Blues by Chuck Miller of Texas; the oil, Portrait of Sandra Day O'Connor by Jean Marcellino of New York. The original oil painting of retired Justice O'Connor is hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC; an acrylic and watercolor, Cindy I by Darryl King of Florida; an oil, Close 8 by Damian Huntley of the UK; the mixed media collage and acrylic, Alan Greenspan by Geoffrey Stein of New York; a carpenter’s still-life in oil, D.I.Y. #2 by Donelli J. DiMaria of New Mexico; a delicate color-pencil drawing, Dreaming by Tracey Padron of Illinois; a night photo of the fountain at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Jet by Joseph Mays of Kentucky; Deep Red, an intense oil portrait by Brooklyn artist, Daniel Maidman; and Aunt Helen’s 50th Birthday by Pacifico Palumbo of Massachusetts.

The 31 artists represented in August, 2012, in day order are: 1 Geoffrey Stein, 2 Geoffrey Stein, 3 Tracey Padron, 4 Cynthia Angeles, 5 Profile Deleted, 6 David Schulz, 7 Peter Wong King, 8 Cynthia Angeles, 9 Jean Marcellino, 10 Chuck Miller, 11 Darryl King, 12 Damian Huntley, 13 BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald, 14 Chuck Miller, 15 Roger Cummiskey, 16 Pacifico Palumbo, 17 Joseph Mays, 18 Pacifico Palumbo, 19 Pacifico Palumbo, 20 Gil Conradis, 21 Jean Marcellino, 22 Hannah Davis, 23 Jean Marcellino, 24 Jacqui Morgan, 25 Jean Marcellino, 26 BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald, 27 Donelli J. DiMaria, 28 Hannah Davis, 29 Jean Marcellino, 30 Hannah Davis, 31 William Thierfelder.

Each of the artists selected for the calendar receives two (2) complimentary listings for each artwork included in this calendar. Viewers can also vote for “The People's Choice,” a poll which includes all of the art in the calendar. The top three artworks in The People's Choice win one (1) complementary listing for their artists. Winners announced September 1st.

The Barebrush Provenance for each artwork is viewable by clicking on the calendar thumbnail (above) or on the caption under the artwork from each artist’s Barebrush Gallery page. The Barebrush program of retiring artworks that have been selected for three calendars is designed to encourage all artists to show their best new work and keep their online galleries fresh and interesting.

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Thank you all for your interest and participation in, dedicated to the art of the world.

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Winners below:

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Cynthia Angeles (4)
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