PhotoArt N*des

A Juried Selection by Charles Yoder, Salmagundi Club

November 2015

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Mel #1 by Craig Sheely
In Thought by Dan Simoneau
All The Time There Is #2 by Joseph Mays
The beauty of Curves by Peter Wong King
All The Time There Is #1 by Joseph Mays
On the Bed by Troy Cooper
The Struggle...a self-portrait withTatyana, Washington DC, 1981 by J. Wayne Higgs
Low Tide by Patrick McGauley
Georgia by Craig Sheely
Both Sides now by Peter Wong King
Head in the clouds by Peter Wong King
Mirror images by Peter Wong King
Becky #4 by Craig Sheely
Sleeping in sateen by Gabriel Sanchez
Paradise by Paul Callahan
KALEIDOSCOPE 13 by William Thierfelder
Megan_J_8-01-09--3AF by Dan McCormack
Lay down on the dawn by Gabriel Sanchez
Marble hills. 1/5 by Gabriel Sanchez
Becky #2 by Craig Sheely
Acid bath by Gabriel Sanchez
Apparition by Craig Sheely
All The Time There Is #11 by Joseph Mays
Secret Reader...a self-portrait, Hughesville, Maryland, 2010 by J. Wayne Higgs
Endless Struggle, 1981/2010 by J. Wayne Higgs
Self-portrait, Wayson's Cornor, Maryland,1967 by J. Wayne Higgs
All The Time There Is #6 by Joseph Mays
GOLDEN MILO by William Thierfelder
Jessica_D_10-13-06--4BC by Dan McCormack
The bird and the bench by Gabriel Sanchez

FEAST: 35+ Photo Art Nudes for the 30 days of November -- Guest curator, Charles Yoder, is a painter, printer and teacher. He teaches printmaking at the School of Visual Arts, is Vice President of the Artists' Fellowship Inc. and is Chairman of the Art Committee of the Salmagundi Club. Mr. Yoder is also a mainstay "Commander of the Presses" at the monthly Salmagundi Club monotype parties.

When asked for a personal statement about his art selection process, he replied:

" I'm looking for something that will grab my attention and change the way I look at the world. It can be in a big way or a small way but I want it to change me."

Mr. Yoder selected Mel #1 by Craig Sheely of Littlestown, PA for the honor launching the month of November.

Artworks making their calendar debut: 13. Seven artworks are being retired, having now appeared in three calendars: In Thought by Dan Simoneau, ISAP of Kenosha, WI; Georgia by Craig Sheely of Littlestown, PA; Jessica_D_10-13-06--4BC by Dan McCormack of Accord, NY; Lay down on the dawn by Gabriel Sanchez of Mexico City, MEXICO; The Struggle...a self-portrait with Tatyana, Washington DC, 1981 by J. Wayne Higgs of Hughesville, MD; Endless Struggle, 1981/2010 by J. Wayne Higgs of Hughesville, MD; The bird and the bench by Gabriel Sanchez of Mexico City, MEXICO.

Art for this calendar comes from 8 states and Mexico.

The 30 artists represented in November, 2015, in day order are: 1 Craig Sheely, 2 Dan Simoneau, 3 Joseph Mays, 4 Peter Wong King, 5 Joseph Mays, 6 Troy Cooper, 7 J. Wayne Higgs, 8 Patrick McGauley, 9 Craig Sheely, 10 Peter Wong King, 11 Peter Wong King, 12 Peter Wong King, 13 Craig Sheely, 14 Gabriel Sanchez, 15 Paul Callahan, 16 William Thierfelder, 17 Dan McCormack, 18 Gabriel Sanchez, 19 Gabriel Sanchez, 20 Craig Sheely, 21 Gabriel Sanchez, 22 Craig Sheely, 23 Joseph Mays, 24 J. Wayne Higgs, 25 J. Wayne Higgs, 26 J. Wayne Higgs, 27 Joseph Mays, 28 William Thierfelder, 29 Dan McCormack, 30 Gabriel Sanchez.

Each of the artists selected for the calendar receives two (2) complimentary listings for each of their artworks selected.

The Barebrush Provenance for each artwork is viewable by clicking on the calendar thumbnail (above) or on the caption under the artwork from each artist’s Barebrush Gallery page. The Barebrush program of retiring artworks that have been selected for three calendars is designed to encourage all artists to show their best new work and keep their online galleries fresh and interesting.

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Thank you all for your interest and participation in, dedicated to the art of the nude.


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