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The Listings

Art is listed in a blog format, latest listing first. A click on the entry in the Art Log opens a page with a larger image and full description. To see the barebrush Art Log, click here.

BAREBRUSH reserves the right to reject any artwork. BAREBRUSH is committed to maintain the quality of the website for the viewing and collecting public.

Barebrush welcomes all media, all styles: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video stills, mixed media, found objects, etc. The genres are: nude, portrait, landscape abstract, still life, clothed people, animals. No pornography (see our terms of use).

Membership Features and Options:

Membership is $10 per month for showing an unlimited number of artworks. Artworks may be marked in price ranges, prices or NFS/SOLD. An annual membership is $94 (26¢ per day). Artists are invited to become Featured after 6 months of membership, if they have at least 10 artworks of fine art quality, marked for sale with exact prices. Artists who have 25 or more artworks on Barebrush marked for sale with exact prices will automatically get a free shop to show and sell their work. Barebrush does not take commission on sales unless the buyer or seller requests Barebrush act as agent.

The Featured Artist page includes the artist's headshot, artist statement, cv or bio and contact information. It also includes Art-of-the-Day and Barebrush calendar entries with image thumbnails and links to the art detail pages.

Calendar Archives

The Barebrush calendars ran from September 2006 to date. All calendars, including the new Art-of-the-Day calendars are viewable from the Calendar Archive tab of the main menu.

Privacy and bulk mail:

Barebrush respects your privacy. For our privacy policy, click here. Barebrush sends no more than one general newsletter per month, called the BAREBRUSH BLAST which relays news of site events and developments. Members may unsubscribe. Barebrush does not sell or rent members' names to anyone. However, as with any active and popular website, spammers occasionally send mail pretending to be from Barebrush or from Barebrush CEO, Ilene Skeen. In general, Barebrush does not send any mail with attachments. If you think you may be receiving fraudulent email with a Barebrush return address, do not open the attachment. Kindly use our "Contact Us" form to let us know. If you can, please forward the email you received with the subject "Possible Spam" to Ilene Skeen, iskeen--iskeen--com. (We are not entering the actual address here to prevent robot spammers from getting it. Use the "at sign" and "dot" substitutions, please).

Terms of Use:

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