Barebrush Art: Moon Goddess by Mollie Kellogg



Barebrush Provenance
24 Mar 2009
Curator: Sherry Camhy
Art Students League

16 Apr 2009
Curator: Tom Taffe
Salmagundi Club

28 Feb 2009
Curator: Della Clason Sperling
Dulack & Sperling, LLC

2 Feb 2010
Curator: Tom Picard
Salmagundi Club (SCNY)

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Moon Goddess by Mollie Kellogg

Moon Goddess by Mollie Kellogg

Title: Moon Goddess

Desc: At present, Mollie's painting technique involves sketching the image into gesso, then applying a metallic ground.  Over this she pours different combinations of blues, blacks, reds, golds and browns, allowing the paint to dry into the textured surface. The image is then laid over this complex background in several layers. For more details on her process see Mollie's work has sold internationally and has been displayed in New York, Santa Fe, Seattle, Phoenix, Solana Beach, La Jolla and San Diego.

Media: mixed

Size: 30x48in

Genre: nude

Price Range: Important $501-$5,000

In calendar: Yes

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Mollie Kellogg

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Artist Info
Mollie Kellogg
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zip: 92117
Country: US