Barebrush Art: Exposed in Chaos by Penelope Przekop



Barebrush Provenance
14 Nov 2010
Curator: Bob Mueller
Salmagundi Club

My N*de Valentine 2011
A gallery show at
Rogue Spece | Chelsea
Hosted by Catalogue.

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Exposed in Chaos by Penelope Przekop

Exposed in Chaos by Penelope Przekop

Title: Exposed in Chaos

Desc: This is one of my earlier works.

This piece portrays a woman exposed in chaos. She stands in a bit of an awkward pose as if she has no where to turn. She doesn't quite know what to do with her arms. She lacks the ability to shield herself as she has no hands. Her lack of hands represent wounds or missing pieces of herself. So I wonder:, Is she exposed because she is wounded or because she is naked?

I am currently working with Bob Hogge (Monkdogz Urban Art, NYC) on artist projects and future exhibition works.

Art Site:

Media: acrylic|mixed media

Size: 36 x 48

Genre: nude

Price Range: Not for Sale

In calendar: Yes

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Penelope Przekop

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Artist Info
Penelope Przekop
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Zip: 18929
Country: US