Barebrush Art: James by Gil Conradis



Barebrush Provenance
26 Apr 2012
Peoples' Choice, 2nd Place
Curator: Sharon Way-Howard
Salmagundi Club

24 Oct 2015
Curator: D.S. Wade
Curator & Artist

21 Nov 2015
Curator: Charles Yoder
Salmagundi Club

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James by Gil Conradis

James by Gil Conradis

Title: James

Desc: These are a series of portraits \I have done predominately of people I know and am familiar with. When the markets and economy as q whole plunged in 2008, I faced a diminishing market, to be polite. Portraits have always been a specific word driven form at best in the 2000s' Should I adapt - how? should i become campy and trendy? Just not my way. I simply started painting smaller - 8 x 10 in (20.32 x 25.4 cm) for my own start of mind practice and to keep working. No expectations, just friends and acquaintances I would take pictures with my iPhoto and if they were of interest I would paint them in a rather expressionist method. This for me is several steps away from a "formal" portrait where the colors a muted, the transitions are subt

Media: oil

Size: 10 x 8

Genre: portrait

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: Yes

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Gil Conradis

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Artist Info
Gil Conradis
City: Melbourne
State: FL
Zip: 32935
Country: US