Barebrush Art: Aunt Lola's Engagement by Pacifico Palumbo



Barebrush Provenance
16 Aug 2012
Curator: Robert W. Pillsbury
Salmagundi Club

31 Oct 2012
Curator: Ann Aptaker
Independent NY Curator

25 Nov 2012
Curator: David Masello
Art writer & editor

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Aunt Lola's Engagement by Pacifico Palumbo

Aunt Lola's Engagement by Pacifico Palumbo

Title: Aunt Lola's Engagement

Desc: This painting shows my Aunt Lola being engaged to Uncle Philly The original Black & White photo was shot in his fathers restaurant in Brooklyn N.Y. Aunt Lola was 18 at the time He thought he was God's gift to woman My Grandmother is in the red dress and Lola is leaning on my Step Grandfathers shoulder. Part of my Italian Story, To see more of it go to

Media: oil

Size: 40"X32"

Genre: people (clothed)

Price Range: Important $501-$5,000

In calendar: Yes

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Pacifico Palumbo
Pacifico Palumbo
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Artist Info
Pacifico Palumbo
City: Colrain
State: MA
Zip: 01340
Country: US