Barebrush Art: Suspended in Water by Bare Ass Art Studio-Gabe Edwards



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PhotoArt Nude-of-the-Day
22 May 2012
Curator: Lee Vasu
Dacia Gallery

PhotoArt Nude-of-the-Day
21 Jan 2013
Curator: Mikaela Sardo Lamarche
ACA Galleries

PhotoArt Nude-of-the-Day
28 Feb 2013
Curator: Marina Hadley
Monkdogz Urban Art, NYC

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Suspended in Water by Bare Ass Art Studio-Gabe Edwards

Suspended in Water by Bare Ass Art Studio-Gabe Edwards

Title: Suspended in Water

Desc: What is the question a woman asks quite often? Does my ass look big in this? So as a woman who is always complaining about the size of her ass I suggested to my husband (the photographer} why not find a way to take something women are usually very sensitive about and make it something beautiful and artistic.
And…..this is how “Bare Ass Art” was created.
We collaborated together to display the ass in the many different ways it could be presented and appreciated with pride.
Our message here is simple. A woman’s ass should not just be viewed in porn magazines as just another “piece of ass”.
As a woman who has always been sensitive about how others view her body we have taken the part that receives the most negative or hurtful comments

Media: photography

Size: 16x20

Genre: nude

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: Yes

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Bare Ass Art Studio-Gabe Edwards

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Artist Info
Bare Ass Art Studio-Gabe Edwards
City: Lutz
State: FL
Zip: 33558
Country: US