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JAMIE    2017 04 03 by Jon RettichMonica with a glass of wine. by Chanit RostonNatalia Seated #1 by Donelli J. DiMariaThe Joy of Pregnancy by Peter Le GrandVera_J_2-23-14--02AC by Dan McCormack
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Siren by Jerry RalyaRed Hat #6 by Donelli J. DiMariaAngel in Reclined Slumber by Elizabeth  Sowell-ZakStarving Artist by Donelli J. DiMariaBrad by Mark Lightfoot
THE ARCHANGEL by Rebecca VennBOB     2015 by Jon RettichMiranda reclining by Peter MillwardMiranda Pensive by Peter MillwardIn the grass by Chanit Roston
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JAMIE    2017 04 03 by Jon Rettich

JAMIE 2017 04 03 by Jon Rettich

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Title: JAMIE 2017 04 03

Desc: Model study

Media: color pencil

Size: 9"x12"

Genre: portrait

Price Range: Fine Art $100-$500

In calendar: No

Price:Original $200.00

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