Falling in Love with N*des:
Dan McCormack

Dan McCormack
Dan McCormack
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Gallery Show 2013: Dan McCormack

Falling in Love with N*des ++ 2013

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Artist Info
Dan McCormack
Contact: dan_mccormack@yahoo.com
City: Accord
State: NY
Zip: 12404
Country: US

Ruby_S_4-12-12--06AB by Dan McCormack Bridget_L_5-20-12--14AD by Dan McCormack Eva_B_12-03-11--12AB by Dan McCormack
Carling_D_8-09-11--10AD by Dan McCormack Katie_W_4-09-11--6AB by Dan McCormack  

Ruby_S_4-12-12--06AB by Dan McCormack

Ruby_S_4-12-12--06AB by Dan McCormack

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Title: Ruby_S_4-12-12--06AB

Desc: Pinhole camera portrait of Ruby nude at the motel in Highland, NY.

Media: digital (Print)

Finished Size: 30" x 24"

Genre: nude

Price: $1,500

In calendar: Yes