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Christian Beels

Christian Beels

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Gallery Show 2013: Christian Beels

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Artist Info
Christian Beels
Contact: cbeels@post.harvard.edu
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10025
Country: US

Waking by Christian Beels   

Waking by Christian Beels

Waking by Christian Beels

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Title: Waking

Desc: The model took this pose just as a drawing session was ending. In the studio we established the same pose, arranged the kimono and fabric to suggest the movement of waking, and then used a photographer's dummy to replace the model's position on the fabric so that the light on the folds could be taken in at leisure.

Media: oil (Original)

Finished Size: 26" x 30"

Genre: nude

Price: $1,200

In calendar: Yes