"September 22 2021 00:00:00 UTC-0400" Call for Entries

Countdown to October Calendar
Submission Deadline:


October Calendars — Dynamic Count:

Deadline Date: September 21, 2021 — Selection of art for October

The October calendars will be in previews (for members only) at the end of September, and live for the public on October 1. The press releases announcing the calendars will be published on or about October 1, 2021. All artists in each calendar will be listed by name and date in the press release, as well as on the calendar page which displays their art. The calendar artists will be notified via email prior to October 1. Artists will also receive an email when their art is live on “their day” and visible on the front page and private portal pages of Barebrush. Their day will also be announced the the Barebrush News & Events Blog. The announcement also goes to Facebook and Twitter. Each calendar series participates in the private portal page.

Guest Curator: To Be Announced

The Selection Process:

For October, the guest curator will select 31 artworks for each calendar. That is one artwork for each of the 31 days in the month. To be eligible for selection, the artwork must appear in the artist’s Barebrush Gallery.

The guest curator will review the art which appears on the Barebrush Gallery pages as of September 22, 2021, the day after the deadline.

The Guest Curator selects the calendar artworks and the Curators Choice nominees based on the number of entries:

All the Barebrush curators have an opportunity to view and judge the Curators Choice nominees. Winners announced after the curators voting is completed.

About Barebrush:

The original calendar series, N*des-of-the Month was launched in September 2006. With the growing number of submissions, we now have two new series to provide more opportunities for artists to win calendar placement and succeed in raising interest in their art and art careers. The photography/digital nude art calendar, called PhotoArt N*des, now separates the art which is primarily photographic into its own series. In addition, in May 2010, Barebrush opened a call for six new genres: portraits, people in clothes, animals, landscapes, still lifes, and abstracts. Although we do not yet have enough submissions to make a calendar for each genre, we do have enough to make a calendar of them all. Thus, Barebrush announced a new calendar series, Best-of-the-Rest — art of the six new genres together.

Barebrush is dedicated to helping artists to show and sell their art at reasonable prices.

Barebrush and Barebrush artists — getting better together.


All of the art on your Barebrush Gallery page on the day after the deadline date is considered active and entered into the competition.

Membership is required to submit art. When an account is active, the artist may list an unlimited number of artworks for their gallery, for sale and for the art calendar contests.

Procedure for New Members
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All art is "human reviewed" to eliminate pornography and spammers. Your art will be viewable on your Barebrush Gallery page and in the Art Log within one day. You will get an email when your art goes live.

Procedure for Existing Members

BAREBRUSH welcomes all media, all styles. However, please note that BAREBRUSH reserves the right to reject any artwork. BAREBRUSH is committed to maintain the quality of the website for the viewing and collecting public.