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Falling in Love with N*des is our second “brick & mortar” gallery show for N*des-of-the-Month, the monthly, world-wide online art calendar contest. Hosted by at the Highline Loft | Chelsea in New York City, there are 20 artists participating with art coming from the US as well as Mexico, and Spain. The public is invited! Come out to see this art in person.


Thursday, October 17 through Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 6-9pm — Reception

Friday, October 18 10am-6pm — Meet the Artists Gallery Hours

Saturday, October 19:

10am-6pm — Meet the Artists Gallery Hours

Sunday,October 20:

noon-5pm — Meet the Artists Gallery Hours


Highline Loft|Chelsea, 508 West 26th Street, 5th Fl, New York, NY 10001


15% buyers premium

About the Highline Loft|Chelsea

The Highline Loft (“the gallery”) is a premier gallery and exhibition space. Located in the West Chelsea Arts Building, the gallery is in the heart of the Chelsea art district which has become one of the most popular destinations for New York art lovers.

About is a worldwide monthly art calendar exhibition. Each artist member gets a personal gallery page to show his or her work. Award-winning art for the calendars is selected by guest curators. Artists gain recognition for their work and win prizes. Online since 2006 with Barebrush N*des-of-the-Month. PhotoArt N*des-of-the-Month and Best-of-the-Rest!calenders were introduced November 2011. Barebrush founder and CEO, Ilene Skeen states:

The underlying mission of Barebrush is about our personal liberty to make and show our art.

There’s a lot of censorship and antagonism towards the art of the nude in the US and even in New York.

To me, the art of the nude is about our shared humanity and personal freedom. It is important to stand up for all of our personal freedoms. is owned and operated by ILS Designs, LLC, New York, NY.



Falling in Love with Nudes++ 2013 by Ilene Skeen, CEO

Limited quantities of this book available directly from Barebrush in NYC. Inquire here.

Show Artworks

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Standing Woman by Emily Stedman NUDESeated3 by Lynne Levin 
Wally and the Bathing Beauties by Darlene Kuhne Bridget_L_5-20-12--14AD by Dan McCormack 
Sensuous by Sandy Ryan Yeah! Just wake up that night by Gabriel Sanchez 
Temptation by Sandy Ryan Queenie by Marie-Paule Martin 
Saturday Night Daydream by Robin Kappy Troso 1 by Joe Moroni 
BAREBRUSH6 by Lynne Levin Colin at the 24th St. Studio by Ilene Skeen 
The Four Graces by Larry Scaturro Katie_W_4-09-11--6AB by Dan McCormack 
Evan by Brian Crede All your husbands by Gabriel Sanchez 
ELIM by Lynne Levin Red-violet Beauty by Ilene Skeen 
Jock Strap by Brian Crede The Conversation by Elizabeth  Sowell-Zak 
Hot and Bothered by Sandy Ryan Ruby_S_4-12-12--06AB by Dan McCormack 
Lynne by Bill Foote Shaving the Angel by Gabriel Sanchez 
Je t' aime by Gabriel Sanchez 

Show Artworks

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Cody by Brian Crede Joyce the pluralist by Roger Cummiskey 
Fig Leaf by Merrill  Brace Christopher by Brian Crede 
Barebrush10 by Lynne Levin Eva_B_12-03-11--12AB by Dan McCormack 
Four-Hand Composition by Ilene Skeen Woman By Window by Emily Stedman 
Elyssa by Jon Rettich Carling_D_8-09-11--10AD by Dan McCormack 
Connie by Bill Foote Betty by Jean Marcellino 
Innocence by Marie-Paule Martin Breaktime by Darlene Kuhne 
Waking by Christian Beels Familiar Companion by Merrill  Brace 
B4 I quit smoking will reach the compass rose by Gabriel Sanchez Be alive by Taehyub Lee 
Serene by Darlene Kuhne Crystal in Repose, by Elizabeth  Sowell-Zak 
Father & Daughter by Roger Cummiskey Eve by Sandy Ryan 
standard of beauty by Taehyub Lee Crouching Man by Larry Scaturro 
connie by Taehyub Lee