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How to Look at Art: October 2020 at

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Ilene Skeen announces How to Look at Art, a new YouTube video series from Viewers get a mini video for each artwork, one day at a time. The artworks come from Barebrush Art of the Day Calendar.

When you spend a few morning minutes looking at art, you feed your visual soul. You can be an artist, art lover, or art newbie. Every day at 8:15 am (your local time), you will get a good look at an artwork, a quick description, and some insight. Take a breath. Open your eyes. Tune in for inspiration, imagination, or a quiet smile. See what you find out about the art, the artist, and the world. Get in touch with your inner self. You enjoy art more when you enjoy more art, and you put more of your art thoughts into words.

Subscribers get a mini video every day. Daily videos average 1 1/2 minutes, and are always under 4 minutes. Also, in longer videos (5 to 15 minutes), Ilene talks about how to look at art. She will give you tips that help you speak about art with clarity and confidence. Your enjoyment of art is about what you see in an artwork, why you like what you like, or why you hate what you hate.

Barebrush presents evocative contemporary art on the world's most innovative website. At, daily art sharpens your enjoyment of life day by day. Each day of the month features a distinct artwork. Time reveals the art day by day, as life reveals itself to us in our living of it.

The October Art-of-the-Day Calendar.

The Barebrush October calendar begins with a luscious torso. The Breeze Feels so Good is by Barebrush Featured Artist Peter Le Grand of Chicago. The photograph is erotic and innocent -- an astonishing combination. Also notable is a nude torso by Featured Artist Peter Wong King of New Mexico. We see the playful joy of Hair (October 3rd). In total, 31 contemporary artworks fill the days of October. Time reveals the art of October day by day.

September 2020 is now completely visible on the Barebrush website. October will be revealed day by day.

Each day has its individual art. Just click on the calendar link at the end of this sentence and you will realize that all will be revealed in time...


Barebrush shows paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture and other visual art types. The monthly art displays began in 2006. Thousands of works are online for your viewing pleasure. Over 1,000 are for sale. Art lovers may contact the artist or request Barebrush to act as agent.

The goal of Barebrush is to delight art lovers. Our art shows expertise and emotional impact. Our dedicated artists enjoy sharing their vision with the world. All monthly art displays are easy to access in the archives.

About Ilene Skeen

Ilene Skeen, MBA, is the founder of Barebrush and a member of the Salmagundi Club of New York City since 1999. She is also an artist, author, speaker, and coach.

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Art of the Day

Friday, October 30, 2020

REY by Tom Morgan
Tom Morgan

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