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September Art: Sweet Autumn Miracle

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The Barebrush September calendar introduces an intense color pencil artwork, Stuytown Pleasures 2021, Stuytown Pleasures 2021, by New York artist, Jon Rettich. Dozens of sunbathers enjoy the season in the heart of New York City. They are stamdomg, sitting, lying, walking, and one is spreading a towel. Some are talking, sleeping, reading, or daydreaming. Jon writes,

Stuyvesant Town where I live has offered the grass oval for sun and relaxation. With Covid, having access to do this is simply a miracle.
In addition, Jon Rettich has three other pieces in the September calendar, a nude in color pencil (9/10), two chess players (9/14)in graphite, and seven chess enthusiasts, playing and watching (9/21), also graphite. Barebrush founder, Ilene Skeen announces the new Art-of-the-Day calendar. Thirty days of art infused with sweet passion, skill and thoughtful focus for new season.

More Art of the Days

If it's fine art nude photography that interests you, Barebrush artist Peter King of New Mexico offers three beautiful women photographed in warm brown tone for art of the day on Sep. 2, 18 and 27. Peter Le Grand, of Chicago, shows 4 nudes in black and white photos. For male nudes (and nearly nude), Tony Lee of Panama shows four works, from confined in a bubble to a celebration in the sky, Sep. 3, 17, 29 and 30.

Of course there's more to see. The 30 artworks in September are evocative, sensitive and worth seeing. Each represents an artist's skill, emotion and message to the world. Each artist owns the day their art graces the home page of Barebrush shows diverse genres: nude, portrait, clothed, animals, still life, landscape, and abstract. Barebrush artists also work in oil, watercolor, acrylic, dry media, and sculpture.

On the Art-of-the-Day calendar page, you can see the current calendar art revealed over time.

The "Talking Art" Method

Barebrush founder, Ilene Skeen, asks three questions to talk about art:

  • What do we see?
  • What does the artist say?
  • What's the point?
"Talking Art" presents the art, the narrative, and close-ups. Ms. Skeen adds lines, arrows, and other art tools for clarity. She shares what the artist says about the work. Then she sums up the point of the art. In the nine months of Art of the Day for Barebrush, Sept. 2020 through May 2021, Ms. Skeen produced 274 videos. "Talking Art" videos are fast and fun, averaging under 3 minutes. The "Talking Art" videos return from the summer hiatus in September.

Barebrush is the premiere ad-free, non-porn, fine art website. Online since 2006, proving it's OKAY+ to enjoy the art of the nude.


Barebrush art includes all visual media such as photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture. Artists become Featured Artists when they have six works in the Barebrush calendars. Barebrush was founded in 2006. Daily Art of the Day videos began Sept 1, 2020. Artist and media inquiries welcome.

About Ilene Skeen

Ilene Skeen, MBA, is the founder of Barebrush and a member of the Salmagundi Club of New York City since 1999. She earned her MA in the Anthropology of Art from Hunter College, NY in 2005. She is also an artist, author, and speaker.

Contact information:
3450 Wood Owl Circle
Bradenton, FL 34210

Phone: 917-806-7992

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Art of the Day

Monday, September 20, 2021

Braxton - Black and White 1 by Dan Simoneau
Braxton - Black and White 1
Dan Simoneau


Ilene Skeen
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