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“Undressed & not”
|Chelsea, NYC|August 2014|Link|

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Click to see the Nude of the Day by Darryl King
Click to see the Nude of the Day by Darryl King

Friday, 10/31/2014 08:52:43 PM

Guest Curator: Sharon Way-Howard,
Salmagundi Club

About Barebrush: We at Barebrush offer the best nude art gallery online, featuring exhibitions and artists. The goal of barebrush is to increase the public awareness, acceptance and appreciation of the art of the nude. Our first invitational “brick & mortar” show was held in NYC, February 2011. Our second on-the-ground NYC show was held October 2013. Our third NYC gallery show is scheduled for August 2014.
Membership is free. No monthly charges. Artists list art for a nominal fee - $1/artwork for 60 days.
Multiple curators look at the art. Barebrush is the online publisher of: N*des-of-the-Month, PhotoArt N*des-of-the-Month and our all other genres exhibition called, “Best-of-the-Rest.” Awards. Art in the calendars becomes a permanent part of the history of Barebrush. Join

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October N*des-of-the-Month Calendar

Guest curator, Sharon Way-Howard, Salmagundi Club, selected the art for October.

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Art submitted now will be in consideration for our December 2014 N*des-of-the-Month calendar, PhotoArt N*des or the Best-of-the-Rest.

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Barebrush Gallery Show:  My N* de Valentine Feb 2011
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N*des-of-the-month art calendar exhibition. Online since 2006. Membership is free.


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Body Language: Art, Biology, Culture
Defining art, its origins and importance in human biology, its context in culture (to be a book).

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September 2014
N*de of the Month
Embrace by Terry Hinkle

Terry Hinkle
St. Louis, MO


A thoughtful, well-written blog by Claudia, New York City art model and friend More...


gallery show
Barebrush Gallery Show:
  Falling in Love with N* des ++
October 2013

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